Rhara Visit

Ok first, I would like to focus on the spelling. Well, I only used it because the locals there pronounce it with the “h” sound.

Now let’s start.
It is very hard to get off the vtime and hit the offroad/trekking and this happens very rarely. But this past April I was lucky enough to have 10days of spare time. Without thinking of too much, I grabbed my pack and hit the road with Mahesh Dai.

So our main focus was to trip around RARA lake without busting the bank. You may do that as well if you like. So we started off from Gongabu Buspark to Surkhet. Tldr;) here is your version of itinerary.

Took us 16hrs to reach Surkhet with all the problems that tags along with travel. We were quite in time to take another bus to Taalcha from there but we denied and decided to go the next day. First got them tickets just to make sure we don’t waste the another day too. You got to have them because very few buses,  two maybe, goes to Taalcha a day. Else you have to reserve the jeep that will cost you around Rs 50,000 – a one way ticket.

The next, day we got onto our bus to Taalcha and hit the road again. The road distance/time – you can say it is greater than Kathmandu to Surkhet, due to winding and harsh road condition. Karnali river flows widely along the road giving and taking everything she wants. We rested our night in Naagma, which just happened to be the hometown of our bus driver. Ahh, that was why he was so eager and driving fast evnthough it was night time and the road was bumpy.  It was a fine night where our trip schedule was about to be changed. Coz we met with the local dai’s, returning home in the same bus with us. They told us their childhood path that included more walk than our initial route.

Early in Gothijuala(meaning: a place with paddy fields), we full-proofed our plan and left the bus. Our new route walk (Gothijula, Dopa, Chakpade, Majghatta to Rara – 12hrs of walk though the local claim it to be 6hrs at most, you know them and their 5mins right?). We had to home stay in the Chakpade, it was quite of stay. We will never forget that night, full of awkwardness and long silence, followed by full of awkwardness and long silence. I will not forget the aalu khaja too, no never.

Reaching Rara was the great moment of our life both physically and mentally. We won the walk and pleased our eye at the same time. Everybody knows how beautiful is Rara. No need to mention, do I?
We stayed there two more days, the first day after reaching Rara – we went to the Rara View Tower (5hrs walk) and on second day we round the Rara in full circle. So, in short, we saw and observe Rara in every possible way, how great is that?
We met many others. I was shocked about – how many people were there, it was much much more than what I had expected. According to the hotel staff, it was less and they have seen more around 2100 people at the same time. Good gosh.

On fourth day in Rara, we of-course unwillingly have to leave Rara. We walk down to Taalcha airport which was 3 hrs walk down from Rara. We missed the plane being late for 15mins. Another home stay in Taalcha. Then the next day, we took a plane from Taalcha to Nepalgunj and from there bus ride back to Kathmandu.

Note: Do not take Ncell sim with you, the moment we left Surkhet to Taalcha till we arrived in Nepalgunj, the SIM was down, whole freaking 9days at least. I suggest take NTC simcard while you’re out of town, seriously.

Our Itinerary

  1. Day 1: Kalanki to Surkhet
    Busfare: Rs 2640(2 seats)
  2. Day 2: Surkhet Stay
  3. Day 3: Surkhet to Taalcha
    Busfare: Rs 3200(2 seats)
    Naagma stay
  4. Day 4: Naagma to Gothijuala
    Walk started from Gothijual, Dopa to Chakpade home stay
  5. Day 5: Continue walk from Chakpade, Majghatta, Murma to RARA itself
  6. Day 6: View tower walk
  7. Day 7: Circled around Rara, did boating
  8. Day 8: Leave Rara to Taalcha
    Taalcha Home Stay
    Hotel Expenditure: 10, 000 but lost 2000 somewhere
  9. Day 9: Flight to Nepalgunj
    Plane Fare: Rs 9000(2 seats)
  10. Day 10: Arrived in Kathmandu
    Bus Fare: Rs 2500

Ahmm…, lets talk about the money: Beside above major expenses + extra curriculum expenses we finished our trip costing around Rs 42,000 in total for two wanderers. But it was a worthy trip and I will definitely return one day, we both will do.

Now go on, get your shit together and hit the road because there are many things i left to write and some things, they had to be seen or experienced by you, yourselves.
Note: Go on April for good weather condition, For snowfall, go after Dashain.