• Contact Form 7 – Dynamically Set (To) Admin Email Address


    Most of us here in WordPress community have known and used the Contact Form 7(CF7) throughout our entirety. I personally have used it in every single website I have built. Unless client wants otherwise. It is my go to plugin. It is simple, tried and tested and well maintained since dawn of the dinosaurs (you…

  • LearnPress Lesson Template Changes : Part 2

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    This is the new and updated version of my article here: LearnPress Lesson Template Changes I got to admit, it is quite simpler in terms of files than before.Turns out it is now possible to edit with only CSS and make our Header and Footer show in current implementation of LearnPress plugin. WordPress Version :…

  • Yith WooCommerce Subcriptions : List all the active subscribers


    In order to do a custom listing of active subscriptions in Yith WooCommerce Subscription plugin, here is the code you can write:Assuming your WordPress database table prefix is the default: “wp_” Hell, if you want to move one step further and list only active members, then you can throw “AND” condition in the query itself,…

  • LearnPress Lesson Template Changes

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    This is an old article and might not work in the newer version. Please see the updated article here. Many of you including me, must at least once have come upon this cumbersome task – To change the LearnPress Lesson Template. Where are my headers, menus and Footers?And as a loyal Google users, we’ve search…

  • Add Reset button to your Gravity Forms

    With a little bit of code you can add Reset button to your Gravity Forms.